Monday, June 2, 2014

Airfoil Commander v1.4 Released

Another Monday, another new release! On the docket this time are two big new features: track metadata and playback control for supported sources.

Track metadata includes things like the title, artist, and album art -- all the usual suspects.

On the remote control front, you can skip to the next or previous track, and play/pause the audio.

All of this works only if you're connected to a source that Airfoil supports for metadata and remote control; supported Windows sources can be found here, and MacOS ones can be found here. If the current source is supported, you'll see a panel with the track info and remote controls spring into action at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up on the panel to get an expanded view, if gigantic album art splash-screens are your thing.

For unsupported sources, sadly, the panel goes back into hiding and we have six more weeks of Winter. Sorry about that.

So give it a shot with your favorite (supported!) sources.