Monday, May 19, 2014

Airfoil Commander v1.2 Released

My goodness, an update! The basic news is that a new version of Airfoil Commander has been pushed out to the Play Store. Going from v1.1 to v1.2 doesn't sound like much, but oh so much excitement is hidden behind that decimal point!

First, we must start on a somber note -- Airfoil Commander Server is no more. It had a good run and I'm sure we'll all miss it, but it's gone for a truly excellent reason: As of Airfoil for Windows v3.6, it's no longer needed! The Airfoil Commander Android app is now able to speak to Airfoil directly. So, feel free to uninstall Airfoil Commander Server, it's not doing anything anymore -- of course, you're welcome to leave it installed if you like to see the soothing blue icon in your system tray, silently sucking away resources. We're not big on judgments here.

To reiterate, because it's rather important: Airfoil for Windows v3.6 (or later) is required for Airfoil Commander to function after this update! The bold letters mean I'm super serious, so please be sure to upgrade to that version if you haven't already.

Second and no less momentous: Airfoil Commander can now control Airfoil for Mac! It's no longer a Windows-only game, kids. Airfoil for Mac v4.8.5 (and beyond) is required. I feel like I should write more about this, but the math speaks for itself: Airfoil Commander is now infinity more compatible with Airfoil for Mac. I dare you to not be overwhelmed.

A big hearty "thank you!" goes out to the good folks at Rogue Amoeba for their hard work making the protocol changes that allowed the above two items to happen.

And finally, there's the usual round of bug squashing and stability improving that accompanies every single update to every Android app ever. Seriously, when was the last time you looked at the details for an app update and didn't see "bugfixes and stability improvements" tacked onto the end? Airfoil Commander is proud to be absolutely no different in that regard.

Enjoy the update!